The quintessential

Pinsa Crust

Join us in the world of Pinsami, the Pinsa that is the result of a careful selection of flours, a long rising process and a strictly handmade dough.

Why are our Pinsa crusts so good? The mix of wheat flour, rice flour and soya flour, together with the sourdough starter, keeps the dough very hydrated and light, as a result very digestible, and without the addition of animal fats. Moreover, our Pinsa is the only one with protected iodised salt, a special patented salt that preserves iodine even at high temperatures.

What’s more, all our Pinsa crusts are characterised by their crispiness on the outside and their softness on the inside. They are perfect for both savoury and sweet recipes and, being pre-baked, are ready in just 5 minutes.

Pinsami is:

Pinsami is easy to digest
Pinsami is light
Pinsami is crispy


Discover our Pinsami product range: from the FRESH LINE Pinsa classic version but also the wholegrain, to the FROZEN LINE Pinsa which can be stored in the freezer, up to the Pinsa that can be stored at ROOM TEMPERATURE.

Choose your favourite Pinsa:

2 Pinsa-crusts per packaging
that can be stored
in the fridge!

2 Pinsa-crusts per packaging
that can be stored
in the freezer!

1 Pinsa-crust per packaging
that can be stored at room temperature!


You can now find us in the bread aisle and in the refrigerated section of the best supermarkets

Would you prefer to have it directly delivered at home? Buy the Tasting Box with 4 Pinsa crusts of the Room Temperature Line.


To bring our handmade Pinsa to the table and get a real professional result, just follow a few simple tips:

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